Thinking about Dad

Today I posted a review of Fredrik Backman book, "And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer".  It is a novella totaling less than 100 pages but, even so, it has some deep thoughts that can help us see some things differently.

The book brought a unique beauty and intensity of emotion to the words of this moving story. The expression of feeling suggests poetry, and indeed this short story moves in a magical way. One reviewer of this book had a little sign with the review that said "this book will make you cry". I wondered whether it wouldn't have been more accurate to say, "this book will make you feel". 

Harold Bloom is an American literary critic and Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University. When you read his works he refers to authors almost like adjectives, adding to, or restricting meanings, of the words and thoughts discussed. 

Backman's writing is almost that good and comparing someone else's writing to his does suggest quality. Book review blogs bring a collection of books, and in addition to the value of each book presented, the overall list implies a separate meaning. 

So yes, this is a daily comments section, but even so, my thoughts today are still on this little book that made me feel, and remember, and want to relive, some tender moments.