I didn't start with "Why"

I was looking through my pile of "not yet read" books and found one titled "Start With Why", by Simon Sinek. This book has been sitting in this stack for a year or two. I wondered why I hadn't read it and so I started to again. I quickly remembered "why". It was because the very question presented by the book seem to suggest reading to find a success formula.

Probably for about 10 years after I got out of collage I read all the positive thinking success books that there were out there at that time. Dale Carnage's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People and Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich were good ones.

I am, and was a long time ago, burnt out with positive thinking, formula, check list, success is important, books. "Start with Why" isn't exactly a positive thinking book, but it is a formula for success book, that seems obvious. 

Maybe I don't really need or want to know why. Maybe one person's why is different than another persons?  I think core values are going to define how we see "why" anyway.

I do like fiction. Neil Gaiman said fiction is "the gateway drug to reading". I know if I can get my imagination interested and curious I am hooked.