Other Countries

It is perhaps naive of me to assume that my own daily comments would be of interest to other readers? I have followed blogs over the years, just to watch and see what is said, as a way of getting a feel for other lives. 

This blog has followers, or at least people who have come to the site, from several countries around the world. Thanks for coming, by the way. 

Several site visits from South Korea caught my attention because of two books I have read recently: Nothing to Envy is about North Korea and Human Acts is about South Korea. I found both books important and I am glad I read them.

Good people matter and they are in every country, and I am glad to have some visit this site.  

My wife and I were talking about this and she told me about a book she is reading: 

"The Day The World Came To Town 9/11 In Gander, Newfoundland, by Jim Defede."

The story tells of the extraordinary help the people in Newfoundland were to those that came there on the 38 planes that were forced to land when the 9/11 tragedy hit New York.

I have not yet reviewed this book but likely will.  Again thanks for visiting this site