Looking Back, Reading Still Matters

Back in April I wrote a review on a book that I had just re read: "How To Read & Why by Harold Bloom".  I was looking back at the books I reviewed this year and that book and an easy answer to the question, "because it matters", came to mind.

Many book lovers write about their life long love of books. I really didn't start my own love affair with books until I finished collage. I do remember a family of one of my Uncles and what seemed to be a real devotion to books when the cousins were growing up. The books I saw in the girls rooms during our visits over the years      impressed me.  

This week I saw part of an interview conducted by Prince Harry with President Obama. He asked him a lot of questions. Some questions were not important. Briefs of boxers? Obama said that was off limits. Good for him. Who really cares?  Questions on the Royal Wedding were probably interesting to many. The comments on social media were good ones. 

Wouldn't it be really interesting to know what books had been important and of interest to either Obama or Prince Harry? What books influenced Gandhi, Lincoln, Putin, or, and maybe especially, my father and his father?

The books of greatest impact in our lives change and evolve, but then so do we. Some books may always make our tops list. Some new ones come. This year I had several new ones that will likely stick with me.  "American Wolf, Nothing to Envy Ordinary Lives in North Korea, Hillibilly Elegy and the Heart" come to mind and made an impact on me but then many others did too.