August 31st, 2017 Comments

Catching up some Reviews

I thought my reviews would slow down some. They have been a once a week post for a while but then I found that I just hadn't identified all the books I have been reading this year in a "Review" for this blog?  

Blogs evolve of course. I want to have the books that I am reading this year reflected in reviews and so I need to update. I need to update some of the blog titles that do not clearly indicate that they are reviews. I need to add some books I didn't review.

I didn't review Stephen King's Under the Dome. It is a great book. Well worth the 1100 + pages. I need to add reviews on John Grishman's "The Whistler". Just a fun read. I have read all his books but will put one of the recent ones in a post. King's "End of Watch" is another.  Stories of Your Life and Others is a book I reviewed on January 27th but it looks like it is a overview of the movie "Arrival", which was one of the stories in the book. I did an update on that review and it is posted this week.

So the point is a few catch up reviews are here. Look back and see if anything done before is missed if your following the reviews and it seems like a lot are. I have some others I am close to finishing so I will post another Review or two soon



Comments Re Changes August 20th, 2017

Book Reviews have been posted late on Fridays for a while. I want to make sure that all the books for the year that I intended to captured in reviews are posted so I may do a few with two posts for a while. I might then slow down and may not do one every week? I do post quotes and poems often several times a week. I also post pictures. I don't put comments with the pictures. I post what I have found or taken myself recently. Sometimes they related to the quotes and poems? The Comments Tab that I am typing in now is a way to review the overall changes a little. I can be a way to pull in a subject I can't capture in a Book Review, Poem, or Quote? Occasionally a personal experience or viewpoint. 

Social Media has taken over a lot for blogs. I have some larger followings on my social media accounts. I often direct people from those to this blog.

My Twitter Accounts and Pinterest accounts bring the Book Reviews to the attention of many. 

On one of my Twitter accounts I bring political comments from the various news sources in.  The Twitter Tweets are "retweeted" by many who receive them and it is really amazing how many potential people could see a post.  

I have an email set up for contact back with me. The social media contact info and emails are here below and under the social media tabs. Comments or thoughts can be sent to:  



This blog will continue to evolve and will become a central point for the  Pinterest & Twitters account.


So why social media? Why the web site? What is it that I want to say? It is a central area for things I may want to use in a book.  









Comments July/Aug 2017

The "Comment" section used to be call "What Matters". Does that matter? Well either way I will try to write about some core values but expand with more comments. Thanks for coming to this blog.

The University of Pittsburgh has published findings that show as many as 1 in 5 people say they are depressed when they go to social media sites. I think they are right but wonder if that number is high enough. I also wonder if you could have 5 people eat an apple and get a couple who would say they are depressed? If social media makes you depressed then "stop it". If eating an apple makes you depressed then go to a doctor and ask for help.

Don't feel bad for me. I am going to post on some social media when I finish this but I will be fine. Twitter and Pinterest seem to bring a few visitors to this site. Thanks by the way if your one of them. Come back again.  

This blog (not counted as social media) is mostly about reading, books, authors, writing, and poetry.

To be a good writer you have to read more than you write. We learn more about writing from reading than any other way.  I do like what reading does for our lives. I love the feeling of closeness and understanding that come in following a good author or finding a new one.

Stephen King is an author that has much to say and teach and I have followed him for years. The authors of the last two reviews were new ones for me and opened up a lot of things to think about.

I have over a lot of years read a lot by the author Harold Bloom and have always been fascinated with him.  (I'm still fascinated) with his understanding of so many literary figures. I think of him now and remember one of his very good books,

"How to Read and Why"

This book answers its own question. Why?

Because it matters!

Reading matters and I want to find more things to read and to write.  

I read a lot of reviews and have reviewed a lot of books on request. I like to see what others have found and compare it to what I have found.

Something else. I will publish in the review section each Friday and about the same in this section.  

More Thoughts.   Did you hear about the man with a wooden leg named Frank?   No, by golly, I didn't, what was the name of his other leg?