Comments/ "Problematic" meaning discussed

"It is Problematic"

This word's meaning is not clear. It suggests "constituting or presenting a problem or difficulty". 

For example if you would say that X is a problem, then rather than explaining why, you would just say "it is problematic".

Problematic doesn't even refer to the problem but is just a way of classifying the problem as difficult to answer, hard, taxing, troublesome, tricky, awkward, controversial, ticklish, complicated, complex, knotty, thorny, prickly, or vexed.

A better definition would be to say that the problem is "open to debate". That suggests that the question may not ever be resolved.

The problem is that these are not the reason why the problem is a problem.

Note, the word may have come into popular use as a result of the political climate. The prior post discusses why all writing is political.