Comments/Do you have to be a "liberal" to read this blog?

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If you were, or are, a liberal arts major does that mean your politics have to be liberal?  No, of course not. This blog is based on a lot of liberal arts subjects so do you need to have liberal politics to read this blog?  No again, of course not. 

Liberal arts refer to academic subjects such as literature, philosophy, and social and physical sciences, as distinct from professional and technical subjects.  As far back as Ancient Greece liberal arts subjects were felt necessary to enable a person to take an active part in civic life.

J.Paul Getty, the billionaire from the mid 1900’s, said it well when he said that he could teach a new hire accounting but he couldn’t teach them how to talk to people. 

I am suggesting that you who are reading this blog, and hopefully new ones that may come, hopefully regularly, will look over all the subjects and give them some thought.  It indeed is liberal arts focused. The overall subjects all draw from those arts. It can be a way of getting away from the technical nature, routine and structure of daily routine and get to a place where connections with thoughts open up more pondering.

The Dean of the Business School at Wake Forest recently said. “We have become so myopic in solving business problems that we don’t think about those problems from the perspective of other disciplines”.

Boston University’s assistant dean at their school of business said, "businesses want workers who have the ability to think, the ability to write, the ability to understand the cultural or historical context of whatever business decision they’re making,”.

I was asked recently if I had read all the books on my blog?  There are about 240 books on the blog that are listed and yes, I have read them, and some several times. I have about the same amount of religion books that I didn’t put on the blog. I have maybe the same amount that are about politics, that I didn't list. Also I didn’t have any of the books I read before 1998 listed.  So yes, I have read a lot of books, but compared to a lot of people, maybe not so many.

What happened in 1998? Well a friend told me the best book he had read was Louis L amour's book, "Education of a Wandering Man". Prior to that I had never read any of his books. I had sort of looked down on western novels. I read the book and was really surprised.  It was actually his autobiography. He told of his travels as a young man and about all the books he had read during that time. Wow! He read the deepest books, and it just really surprised me. In fact it inspired me and I decided from that day forward I would keep closer tabs on what I was reading and I started a new list. I should add here that I have read some of his western novels since then and really like them. I also have re-thought about what Einstein said about kids. He said if you want them to be smart when they grow up have them read fairy tales. Fiction is really valuable. Until a few years ago I just hadn’t read much. I have to admit I now love Stephen King. He scares me at times. So yes I have read all of those on the list. I didn’t put all the Stephen King books, or John Grisham books, or the others I have mentioned, on the list, so it is not complete.

So can I remember what is in all of the books? I find that they come back. When I think about one of them several others come back. They are like characters in my life story. They come alive. They talk to me. 

So is this useful for you if your going to come to the blog everyday? Yes it will be. You will get yourself out of where you are. C.S. Lewis said “The good of literature is that we want to become more than ourselves, we want to see with others eyes, to imagine with others imaginations, to feel with others hearts, as well as our own.” It will happen to you and you will be renewed and reinvented.

Thanks for coming. I hope you have read the other posts. I hope you will suggest this site to others.