My Story

          Brent M. Jones

          Brent M. Jones

I am a reader, writer, listener and seeker of knowledge. I do a lot of a pondering about books, art, authors, music, poetry, service, kindness, and most of all "people". These are the influences that help us form our identity.  They shape and form it as we go through our lives.  

I have spent my career, both as an entrepreneur and as a business executive, working with companies and employee groups of varies sizes. Some were large ones. I was successful in building my own company from an idea to a business. For 22 years it was a strong sales company covering 15 Western States and helped hundreds of companies grow their business.  As an employed top manager, I helped build several independent and corporate companies bringing significant progress in their growth.  It was always the people that made the difference in results, and made the effort rewarding. Those years presented me with some  great teaching and learning opportunities. It confirmed my belief that people can and do reinvent themselves as they rethink their actions and lives. People want to learn. They are not just programmed to be what they always have been and will grow and rise to the opportunities they are given

Connected Events Matter is my effort to explore the influences from our life time connections and how they change, and also impact our own development and identity.  The impact is ongoing, and is a "reinvention of ourselves".

We have both a physical and spiritual self image.  We have our own intellectual growth. As we look at our experiences, and grow with them, we give purpose to our lives.  A good subtitle for this blog would be "Who Are We?"  We are indeed a work in progress.

Reading and the arts have a significant influence on our growth. This blog will look close at these influences and will present relevant book reviews. We are connected by the events in our life and we are connected too each other. 


Be passionate about improving. Be passionate about helping others. Listen to your feelings